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Stealing Latvia, Final Episode
Second part of Ragana’s story
Gate West, Temple to Black John in Memoriam of Lost Forests

The Latvian witch http://www.zemgaletourism.lv/bildes/ragana.JPG  paused and looked around to see what impression her story had made on the Latvian tourists touring Latvia.

The witch was delighted by what she saw: almost no one had been listening to her. However, all were spellbound by the bleached mask over her face, which was made of torn old cardboard weathered in the rain and sun for over a year.

“Glory be!” said the Witch. “The worms will ream your arse. Listen up, marines! If you wish to come out alive, you must kill the enemy.”

“Go tell them, mother,” someone from the audience called.

“I am only kidding,” replied the witch. “I don’t want anyone killed, but I would hang them by their balls and pussies if that would help.” The witch took a deep breath and then continued with her story to the Latvians, who she had just bewitched and blinded. Her breath still reeked of eyeballs turned into rotten eggs.

She began by reminding everyone about the need of sacrifice.

If trees let grow, in ten years it will look very different

When on May 28, President Zatlers made the speech that initiated the dismissal of the Latvian Saeima http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT6944am6IY , he used the word “sacrifice” a number of times. The President mentioned that among the sacrifices made by the Latvian people, which sacrifices had pulled Latvia out of the economic crisis were lower wages, higher taxes, and unemployment. He did not mention the 300,000 to 500,000 Latvians who had been driven out of their country by liberal economic policies of the Latvian government. Of these none were returning yet, though the President mentioned “improved economic conditions”.

Nonetheless, to mention the word “sacrifice” is a noteworthy departure for President Zatlers. He had seldom used the word before. The reason for its disuse is, of course, the liberal capitalist economy, which is presumed to be “self-regulating”. In other words, if liberal capitalist economy is self-regulating (the economists of the U.S.A. swear it is so), so is the governing of the state. There is no need for any kind of radical intervention by sacrifices such as people make in times of war or at times they are laying the foundations of their nation. In a liberal democracy self-regulation is the word. As we know, today foreign banks are regulating Latvians, which is to say, they are easing Latvian sovereignty out the door by not saying a word about it. Mum is the word; and surprisingly, Latvians are mum about their sovereignty.
The walk to the temple.
In his speech, President Zatlers mentioned the word “radical” with regard to himself. This is not to say that he is, though he may have thought so. After all, privatizing a nation is as radical a step as must be the nation’s reaction to such an effort.

That President Zatlers had turned a sceptic about liberal capitalist economy and its advertised democracy was picked up quickly by the more sensitive ears among the ruling elites. Andris Grutups, a lawyer of note among Latvians, reacted almost immediately http://www.delfi.lv/news/referendums-2011/referendums/grutups-zatlers-ar-savu-vieglpratibu-nolicis-valsti-mulkiga-stavokli.d?id=39093605 .

“With his light headedness and short sightedness, Zatlers has put the State into a foolish position. There was no reason to dismiss the parliament…. The only pleasing thing is that the parliament quickly elected Andris Berzins as the next President. What he will be like only the future knows, but as far as finances and economy are concerned, he is at least three times smarter than Valdis Zatlers,” said Grutups.

After quoting Grutups, the Latvian witch looked at all the Latvians whose eyeballs she had eaten and lowering her voice said: “When you have got no eyeballs, it is much easier to lobotomize you. All you have to do is scoop it out. Surreptitious desovereignization is the very essence of globalization.”

“Wow!” said the listening Latvians. “If your name is Yane or Zhane, we want you as our next President.”
To see one's shadow.
“Of course you know,” said the Latvian witch, “that the witch in Latvian is spelled ‘ragana’, that is to say ‘Ra-gana’ or Sun-herder. If you really would like, I would be your Sun gladly. When I am the President, our national hymn will start with the words ‘Dear Sun, bless Latvia’.”

“Go, mother, go!” yelled someone in the audience.

“I will marry Clever John, and he can succeed me as President.”

“Wot!” cried another voice, obviously that of a Populist.

The logic is quite simple, continued the witch Ragana. Latvians must take heart. The President-Elect, Andris Bērziņš must think twice before he accepts his office.

If in the Referendum vote, the Latvians vote for the dismissal of the Saeima, then surely the Saeima was in the eyes of the voters illegitimate at the time it presumed to elect the so-called next president.

Attorney Grūtups should know that while the law cannot be subjective, a sovereign may. And the Latvian people surely are the sovereigns of their nation. The Latvian Saeima and its parliamentary democracy is not the State’s sovereign. The Latvians are Latvia’s sovereigns, because without sovereignty, the Latvians are without a community of their own.

If President-Elect Andris Bērziņš is let stand as Latvia’s President after the Latvian people vote to dismiss the Saeima (which means that the People are also seconding the reasons that Valdis Zatlers gave for asking its dismissal), the surreptitious evolution of the undisclosed cancer continues to devour Latvia’s sovereignty. The casket may be made now.

“Wot, wot!” cried several Populists.

“I think that it is high noon for Latvia,” said the witch Ragana.
Consider the weed.
“Is your name Gary Cooper, the late American actor?” one of the blinded Latvians asked.

“No,” answered Ragana, “he’s the one sang to me “Oh my darling.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4a_1UhwgFU&feature=related .”

(To be continued.)

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