Friday, June 3, 2011

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The unipolar (a north without a south pole) politics of Latvia, has very likely reached its mountain top in the entirely legal, yet fraudulent parliamentary elections held at the Latvian Saeima for Latvia's President.

The just elected President Andris Berzins, a former bank president and an in man of the Valmiera Group , flew one over the coockoo’s nest .

The cookoo’s nest is, in this instance, Latvia, the Juicy Fruit gum in the chief’s mouth (see link to coockoo’s nest). Jack Nicholson is playing the role of the future Latvian President. If we count the juicy fruit in the mouth of Chief Bromden, the clip illustrates a tridem at the moment it is taking possession of the future of Latvia’s history.

The sixth broken stick of Latvians (see previous blog for explanation @ ) as a self-aware people hangs to the branch by the skin of its teeth. The seventh stick is yet the handle of the whip if the hand can find its way back to the tip of the first stick, and it being broken has a purpose like the scorpion’s tail has.

The first stick is the crisis of 1209 when the Children of Johns (Jāņubērni) fled into the forests of Latvia for protection as their forebears had done. However, the Christian barons cut down the forests around them (as the Romans, following their defeat at Teutoburg Forest had done to the German tribesmen), the consequence of which was to turn the Children of Johns into pa-yans, today better known as pagans. It ought not to be surprising to discover that the Children of Johns turned into pa-yans and pagans-peasants know not better than elect a servant of the oligarchs as President of Latvia.
With the deforestation of Latvia proceeding at a full clip to pay for the import of a liberal economy, even the identity-less pagans turn in their graves. One good reason for the turning is that even the lands under the graves are becoming the private property of foreign banks. President Andris Bērziņš, having been a banker, knows well enough the arts of a banker and, therefore, ought to have disqualified himself in order to avoid the risk of compromising the Latvian people and sending them to the permafreeze regions of Antarctica. However, he did not disqualify himself.

Given that trust in speech along with the loss of the oral tradition is subject to endless legalisms among today’s politicians, the President of Latvia has no credibility however many times he disclaims his connection with oligarchs, banks, shoes, ships, or sealing wax.

The handle of the whip of a broken branch known as Latvia is not in the hands of its President today, but its populists. The latter, all too often is identified by the political establishment with the presumably synonymous word “tauta”. Tauta, however, links “populism” to the imaginary of ethnicity, which opposes “tauta” to other forms of populism. This is the sleight of hand that links the present government in Latvia to liberal fascism or what I prefer to call zionationalist ziodocracy.

Before ziodocracy had Zionism at hand to change its name, it was known as colonialism. Some of the recent forms of colonialism-ziodocracy-liberal fascism take after the governments in South Africa, Israel, and Parliamentary Latvia. In all of the cases governments give liberal democracy a bad name no matter how much governments advertise themselves as true democracies.

It is an almost sure bet that the new Latvian President, Andris Bērziņš, will piss on the Liberty Tree, offer no sacrifice, but say it is a blessing.
(to be continued.)

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