Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best scenario for the future: facts get faced. 
 The following link while wimpish in its plea, is both readable and moves one to think of what President Zatlers while still in office might do to help the future of Latvia in his last days.
The dispossessing of President Zatlers from office is not acknowledged by the oligarchs. They were not in on it they say. But even as they say this, everyone knows that the majority of deputies at the Latvian Saeima did their bidding once more. President Bērziņš arrived to the Presidential office with agility, dexterity in social climbing, a knack to become a millionaire, a pension of around Ls 4500 (vs an average of Ls 170-270), and an impressive past as a sexual butterfly.

Latvians seldom begrudge each other a number of arrays or series of mating patterns. One is not surprised that so many young Latvian women are willing mates to young men from Pakistan and countries thereabout. It is the inheritance of poverty, an adventuresomeness inherited from down to earth grandmothers, a willingness to carry a child out of it or even abandon it—all out of the sureness of spirit that comes with having a potato field in Latvia within their heads still.
A nice looking wreck of a barn and workshed

But the strange social asymmetries brought into being as a result of poverty, severe spiritual repression by Christianity as well as Secularism raised to the level of a theology, allows dancing into being even this last, specifically Latvian social phenomenon.

The dazzling occultation or choreography in the Latvian Parliament (Saeima) with regard to the voting for president resulted in placing into office of a man who through his womanizing and out of wedlock children—both recognized as such and not recognized as such—and the confidence he has gained there from has come to lie with the whole of Latvia.
A Wormeling standing on its head

The lying is done on behalf of the oligarchs, who show no more responsibility toward the Latvian people and their State than plausible deniability of “stealing the country” encourages. It is done by praising the Latvian language, but using its words to screw other words. Whether the words appear in print or are oral does not matter.

So, what is to be done?

One could do worse than suggest that President Zatlers use his last days in office as President to call for an international conference and to put on the agenda ‘Latvia as an example of a nation going under (dissolving, degenerating, losing the light, depopulating) under the social and economic pressures of modern society’.

The subject of such an “International Conference on the state of Latvia” should call for papers on a great number of subjects. The Conference would include international experts on a broad range of subjects. This writer would include among the topics discussed the following:

1.     Time to diminish the role of cities;
2.     Euthanasia, discussing the issues at greater depth than presently met by the example of Switzerland where citizens recently voted to retain its services for themselves and foreign clients;
3.     Causes for the frivolous character of modern politicians;
4.     The legalization of Johnsgrass in countryside temples for tourists;
Birth of a snowwhite Wormeling or Vurmītis

5.     Was Christianity split in two and the first half forgot when the Great Schism was declared in favor of the West? How has the death of John affected Latvians?
6.     Who are the Children of Johns (Jāņubērni) who appear on Midsummer Eve as Every Latvian, but are gone the day after?
7.     Discussing the potential of rejuvenating the Latvian animation industry by redirecting a notable segment of it to exporting school materials on disks that replace books;
8.     Creating laws with doors wide enough to allow for new developments in DNA research, cloning including;
9.     Re-forestation of Latvia. With the present 1.9 million Latvians shrinking further to 1.1 million by the year 2021, should not all of Latvia seek to become a people of the forest as their ancestors had been? Might not a declaration of Latvia as a biosphere help preserve Latvian identity by helping restrict immigration?
10.  Riga as a capital city of a future United European Union or UEU. When Europe becomes a true union of its extensive territories, Latvia is not only geographically centered therein, but unites its citizens because it has overcome its inner antagonisms;
11.  What happens when the people of Latvia get screwed to the wall by the oligarchs and banks and a parliamentary “democracy” elects a President widely experienced in screwing around?
12.  Why politicians are unable to speak of the future?
13.  ………………………………..

 (To be continued.)

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