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22 Histories as a Turn of the Screw
The numerous interests and repressions of interests by more powerful interests have brought about a notoriously “screwed up” history of the former region of Livonia that was eventually divided into Estonia, Latvia, and German Prussia.

Someday historians will attempt to sort this out better than I am able. Indeed, some historians support not teaching Latvia’s students any history, because at the present time so much of Latvia’s history is zionationalist mythology. Hopefully, the same historians will not deny Latvians their perspective and reason for being. The potential of a pietist civilization while seemingly on the ropes at the present is far greater than the ‘civilization’ in power today.

However that may be, the purpose of these of blogs is to point out how the present faux history is due to the Latvians themselves, never mind putting the blame of it on Russians and/or Germans. It does not take all that much reflection to realize that the historicized and then internalized lie of post-proto-Latvians makes both cultural and economic recovery today such a labyrinthine effort. The collections of lies have not only missed securing for the community of Latvia its holy grail, but are condemning Latvia to servitude to Swedish banks, not to say Sweden.

The twisted history of post-proto-Latvia is a self compromising psychic burden on all the Baltic countries. Among the most immediate examples of Latvian zionationalist birdcall twists is the declaratory tone issuing from Unity Party (Vienotība) in office at this time. The Unity Party declares that Latvia’s true face is turned West, and to prove it, it has installed as Latvia’s Finance Minister a man who until he was given the office of minister was working as chief economist for a Swedish investment and banking corporation. Not surprisingly, said corporation took advantage of the relative disorientation of post-Soviet Latvia and the people’s lack of knowledge of their history.

The compromise of Latvia’s sovereignty in matters of finance is not the only hasty pudding cooked up by post-Soviet Latvian elites. The same cookery applies to the Foreign Minister of Latvia. Whether the minister is a tool of NATO or can see beyond only time will tell, but it is certain that like all members of the present government, the minister has not told the public that he has a vision of the future other than a subservient one.

Now the position of Latvian Finance and Foreign ministries is related if only because the previous Foreign Minister entered no protest when Swedish banks were rescued at the expense of the Latvian people. If resignation to failure of office was inevitable due to pressure from the ‘great’ secular powers, no regret was ever expressed. In fact, the government elite of Latvia, long in the habit of dragging the Latvian language behind it as a child drags a doll or security blanket, appears to have no concern that its actions represent a major transgression of the psychic space of the majority of the Latvian community.

The financial transgression of the European Union is a blatant perversion of ethical standards vis a vis the Latvian people. All parties and offices involved knew that the end result of the campaign to persuade the Latvian people to take on credits would result in multiple bankruptcies. All parties know that the subsequently (current) buying up of Latvian land (forested or deforested) as the debt burdened Latvians sell their land holdings to cover their debts is an unethical practice bordering on violence. The benefactors of these financial maneuvers are not Latvians. The real benefactors of social chaos in Latvia are Swedish investment companies which over the long term are becoming the new occupation force in Latvia. Up to the time of this writing, the stratagem seems to be working, and there is no organized opposition that stands (in effect reawakens Latvians) and opposes the takeover.

One reason why there is no opposition to the EU’s efforts to create a federated identity of Europe is the propaganda, now decades old, that claims that a nation’s vision is inferior to that of the Brussels’s centaur (with a goat on its back). The arguments are presented with such sleaze that a citizen who is not closely attentive to political events has no idea why the bank has been given the power to destroy a nation. Of course, Latvia is not the only victim. The financial and economic crisis faced by the world at this time, screams for an opposition to come rise and create acceptable rules to the federation if a federation of communities is what must be. Unfortunately, the faux democracy (secular clergy as parliament) appears confident that it will manage to impose itself on all of Europe as a permanent force by financial fiat.

Even so, one would think that any people of a sovereign nation in Europe would wish to amend the EU Constitution  to include an analogy that likens a nation to a room and a federation to the building within which the room(s) is located. There must be a rule that the dwellers in the room are the only hosts the room has. In other words, you are most welcome as a visitor to my room, but whether you (one or many) stay for the night is determined by the persons registered as occupants of the room. Unfortunately, the Constitution of the EU works to dissolve communities in favor of individuals by leaving the doors and windows of all rooms open to the caprice of the goat, i.e., an individual over which the community has lost all control. The Swedish bank in Latvia is a flesh eating goat, given that a corporation has the same rights as an individual, while it is a million times more spendthrift and powerful.

There is no hope that Latvia will survive as a cultural entity worth the name of “Latvia” if the Latvian government and its parliamentary clerics and fetish worshippers are permitted to remain in power. This is to say, only a groundswell that is genuine in intensity, and which intensity is entirely not-violent (see here for a description of ‘not-violent’), can the misguided effort by Brussels be stopped from making of Europe a kogel-mogel with disastrous consequences to the stomachs of all.
(Next blog will continue with The Story of Crazy Jane and Clever John.)

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