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The 4th Awakening

25 A Coat to Keep Warm

The Story of Crazy Jane and Clever John, Part 2 as retold by
© Eso Anton Benjamins (…story begins at blog 15)

“So, Clever John, what is it that you came to see me about?” asked the Sun. Her bright blue dress oozed with rivulets of orange flames. Clever John was happy to note that the fires were as gentle as those of a bees’ wax candle.

“Ahh, mam, I came to ask why you have not been shining lately,” said Clever John. “When I and Crazy Jane last saw you on the mountain on Johns Day morning, you did not appear to be too happy. People say that it ought to be fun to see you, but I wasn’t…. I was wondering if perhaps you wanted to come to my farm for a rest. You see, Latvians are turning their farms into temples, sort of a rest home for tourists exhausted from visiting exotic places.”

“Why, John, how nice of you,” replied the Sun, “I am glad you thought of me. But those six brothers of yours, I could ….” The Sun broke off.

“Send the old witch after them?” Clever John tried to be helpful.

“Never mind, son,” replied the Sun. “Is there anything else you came to see me about?”

“There was a whole bunch of people there climbing up to the branch of a big tree to hang themselves. They did not look too happy. How long will they have to be hanging themselves?”

“It depends, John,” answered the Sun, “it depends on how many times you yourself will keep on hanging yourself.”

Clever John gulped. What did the Sun mean? How could he possibly go hang himself? He was entirely against suicide if only because he wished to live for ever. In fact, he had thought of defending his rights to immortal life with a gun, those things the gendarmes called “trumpets of angels”.

“I have another question, mam.”

“Speak, John,” said the Sun.

“There is that young maid standing in the river dipping for empty buckets of water. She says that you are her mother. She asked to ask you for how much longer must she continue,” Clever John asked.

“Well, Clever John,” answered the Sun, “that is a very serious question. I have punished her for trusting you with her head. Why did she steal from her father his leather boots and give them to you to put on Rozinante?” Some of the flames on the Sun’s dress began to shoot off sparks.

Clever John trembled and sweated. The bearskin coat felt like the bricks of an oven. Nevertheless, Clever John managed a brave: “Mam, you did not answer your daughter’s question.”

“You give her back her father’s boots, and then she can go,” declared the Sun.

“I have one more question, mam,” said Clever John.

“Speak, John,” said the Sun.

“The raven on the pine tree asked to ask you for how long will you tie it down to the tree, mam.”

“That is easy, John,” said the Sun, “when someone, perhaps you, buries the infant that the king fathered on the maid. That will let the raven go.”

“For how long must the big fish be tied to the shore, mam?” Clever John asked in a hurry. It was obvious that he was in a rush to get away.

“Tah, tah, John,” replied the Sun (tah tah means “you don’t say?” or “I am amazed to hear” in Latvian). “Frankly, I do not know. It just turns out that way. Tell the fish to mind its conceits.”

Clever John was gushing sweat in rivulets. He wanted to up and go as fast he could, but the Sun had a question of her own. She looked at her son sternly.

“I know that you did not really come to see me, but are on your way to more important things, Clever John. That’s alright. It shows you have what it takes when it comes to daring, but the question is whether you have brains? So, tell me, Clever John. Tell me what you really want?”

“I am happy to tell you that, mam,” answered Clever John. “I want to marry a princess and be rich.”

“Who is the princess may I ask?” asked the Sun.

“I have not met her yet. They say she often walks in the king’s garden. They say that she has many suitors, but so far she has refused them all. I know that she is waiting for me,” said Clever John with conviction.

“Good luck, son,” said the Sun. ”Good luck, my dear son!” The Sun repeated and roared a blast of fire in Clever John’s ears. Luckily it was only her laughter; it rolled like a thunder clap retreating.

If Clever John had not backed off that very moment, the coat of fur might have caught on fire. As it was, his back felt like it was covered with hot mustard sauce. Clever John duck walked from the Green Gardens of the Sun backward and with hands clasped in profound reverence. This was no fake. While this was not the first time that Clever John had been with his Mother, it was also only the second. He was impressed with Her Awesomeness coming forth so straight forward.

Rozinante, who had been standing next to Clever John, tried to curtsy, but because her boots were on backward, it did not come off gracefully. Then the mare backed off. It was a near head-over-heel retreat.

Perhaps it was the fear and trembling that overwhelmed Clever John. Time flew as mare and rider both, seized by a perverse moment multiplied a thousand times thousand struggled down Sun Mountain. And so it was that Rozinante brought Clever John to the very front gates of King John I.

(To be continued. Next Part 3 of story.)

Asterisks & Links of Interest

Unchanged Feature: The Witches of Ghana in Gambaga
Could we have the word and name of Ghana pronounced as Yana? If so, we could then call the withches Yanas (Janas, Zhenas) of Yana (Jana, Zhena).

Unchanged Feature: What is reality, what is myth?

Changing Feature: In the preceding posts, I started a compilation of a series of video clips, which when seen as a linear sequence tell a story in a telling context. This is a continuous story. If it began in the past, now it is moving parallel to the day we live. Note what is happening around you. Put this clip as a tail to your blog so others may see. The origin of this post is at  This is the 9th video of a series.

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