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18 Clever John as Fearless proto-Latvian (1)

The Story of Crazy Jane and Clever John
(© Eso Anton Benjamins) (…continued; beginning at blog 15):

When Clever John and Crazy Jane returned from Sun Mountain to The Old Witch’s Inn Clever John fell into bed as soon as he reached it. He shut his eyes and slept until it was time to go look after his mare Rozinante. It was evening.

The six brothers of Clever John were just coming from the stall as he was entering. They had awakened some time before Clever John.

“Hi, Bro,” said the brothers.

“What’s up guys?”

“Not a hell of a lot.”

“Don’t be so sure,” said Clever John. “You guys are about to lose your heads.”

“You don’t mean it, bro,” the brothers answered. Some gave a guffaw. Who or what could possibly threaten them? Was Clever John laying butter on his crickets?

“I do mean it,” said Clever John. “Listen to me.” He gathered his brothers around him and whispered the truth. The brothers listened and almost filled their pants.

“What in Hell do we do now?” all six asked as if with one voice.

“You follow my instructions,” said Clever John. “If you want to live, I will give the ‘direct orders’, no ifs or buts, you understand?”

“We do,” answered the brothers of Clever John.

“So, listen,” said Clever John, “when we get to the hayloft this evening and pair off, you give the girls a Riga Fizz with this pill. Make sure it dissolves. [Clever John gave each of his brothers a strange looking green pill which he had secreted in the shoulder bag he carried with him.] The pills will knock them out flat. We then take the wreaths of flowers off their heads, put it on our head, and roll the girls to the outside of the isle. We sleep in the middle. They must not wake.”

“You mean, like not wake up ever?”

“Yeah, something like that. After a while the Old Witch will come upstairs with an axe in her hand. She will start chopping off the heads of all who sleep on the outside of the isle and do not have flowers on their head. Understand?”

“We will lose our brides,” protested one of the brothers.

“It must be,” answered Clever John. “It must be for the good of our proto-Latvian country. We all wish to turn into Latvians, don’t we?”

When Crazy Jane and her sisters came to the loft, the brothers greeted them with Riga Fizz. Mixed in the fizz was the pill, which was pulverized concentrate of baldri-yahns, a concoction which proto-Latvians made from catnip. Balder-yahnis could stop a shaman’s babble, “buldureh-shanu”, and other mental convulsions.

After Crazy Jane came to the hayloft, she snuggled up to Clever John and drank the drink. Clever John fondled Crazy Jane’s breasts, and as if joking, took the wreath of flowers off hers head and put it on his own.

“It looks pretty on you”, said Crazy Jane and fell asleep. Clever John rolled Jane to the outside of the isle. If the Witch knew how to chop heads, it would be over quickly, one stroke and no pain.

Let us now stop the story and think over what has happened.

We may remember that on the day of the Sun’s birthday--Johns Day in Latvia--few had stayed up the night as the tradition of the proto-Latvians insisted on. When the Sun rose, most proto-Latvians were asleep. Remember how the six proto-Latvian brothers had outsmarted their youngest brother Clever John and left him behind them with a limp mare? Well, the brothers had no guilt feelings about that. They had had a rip-roaring ball with the Old Witch’s six oldest daughters. They were happy about how things had turned out.

However, it was a different story for Crazy Jane. Though the ball had turned her on, it left her idle. Crazy Jane did not go to bed early. Instead, she stewed in an ever hotter sauce. Her face became darkened, then went into partial eclipse, and gave evidence of what mother she was the daughter of.

Was it the old witch? Maybe. In that case, who was the old witch mimicking when she was chopping off the heads of all those wicked brothers? Had not the Sun said that the brothers looked more like “bears” than men?  Was the old witch hunting bears for her dinner? Or is it that the story is not quite right?

Moreover, did the mind of the Old Witch get twisted in such a way that she would rather not decapitate innocent bears or guilty men, but smack off the heads of her sleeping daughters instead? Is it not unnatural to desire so much blood of one’s own kind? On the other hand, if desire is imitation and is able to overcome aversion to murder, who is the witch imitating? Why was chopping off heads so desirable?

This is a fascinating question to which I do not have the answer. However, do not be surprised that the old witch’s other name is “Peace”. Peace is the granny who would rather sell you poison and let it be served to you by none other than yourself. She is also the Sun that gives life. And Death when she is eclipsed. This is why no one should sleep on Johns Eve until the Sun rises, at least as the proto-Latvians understood it. Midsummer is the day the Sun is born for the sake of her Son and all his children.

When the Sun discovered that only Crazy Jane and Clever John had stayed awake while all the others were sleep, she knew that a full eclipse of mind was at hand. The serpent caught up with its tail and its teeth were all wrath.

Completely blind, Peace, the old witch, wanted heads to roll. Peace had to prevail at all cost. Let us remember Stalin. He is a man who fits the bill. The old witch was in love with Peace just like Stalin was, though Stalin preferred that the enemies of his peace die of overwork in slave labor camps and the secret police enforce the secrets of his mind.

Asterisks & Links of Interest

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You are invited to join the TO LOOK AT VIOLENCE community! Watch not for the sake of watching, but to understand violence. Put this paragraph as a tail to your blog that your friends and acquaintances, too, may join TO LOOK AT VIOLENCE . Should we not stop desiring it? Would we not rather be rid of it? On the other hand, don’t we know that it is the charisma of violence that protects us? Okay, but did it not also create us? So, what happens to the story of Adam and Eve? The origin of this post is at  Responder (1): You are up next!
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