Friday, April 29, 2011

On our last visit here, we suggested that Hairy Harry may make a good presidential candidate.

You may remember that Hairy Harry is a scout, whom the Wormelings--still hiding in the Riga pils kitchen--sent to scout the streets of Riga. Hairy Harry decided that Riga was ready to become the capital city of Europe for an alternate lifestyle. After all, the famed city within a city in Denmark, Christiania, is being eliminated in a "Europe is clean and sterile at last!" campaign.

Hairy Harry asked one Jaņdžs to prepare a poster with him as a candidate for President of Riga pils. "Use lots or orange color," suggested Hairy Harry. "The Latvians seem to like it."

"Alright, I will do it," said Jaņdžs, "but with the understanding that the ultimate Wormeling candidate is one Colonel Yonderman or whom the Latvians call 'Pulkvedis Jandāhlins', which translates as one who makes lots of noise with pots and pans and drums and whatnot."

"Yes, of course," answered Hairy Harry, "I just want to try being presidential to see if I fit the part."

Jaņdžs said: "If you do not behave, I will put you back in the woodpile."
So it goes. Incidentally, for all who are curious, here is an advance copy of the official campaign photo of Colonel Yonderman, aka Pulkvedis Jandahlins.

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