Friday, April 22, 2011

This is a basic Wormeling or Vurmītis of Riga, wbich is why it is also the passport picture of this friendliest of Riga creatures. Here it has been photographed next to a stone lion for creature comparison's sake.

While you may see a Wormeling at this time only at this blogspot, a Wormeling scout has been noted at a number of public places in Riga. One Vurmītis, as below, it was seen visiting Riga's Vermanu Park. It has also been noted at the gates of the Riga White House (see a few blogs below this picture):
Since the appearance of this and other pictures of a Wormeling scout in Riga last week, there have been a number of inquiries over whether a Wormeling is an apparition or a citizen of Riga and Latvia.
Some have commented that a Wormeling is a Populist and therefore not to be mentioned by Riga journalists. That is a shame, because aside from his appearance, a Wormeling is a human and a Latvian in every way. In all the ways that he looks different from a human being and a Latvian, he compensates for by increased doses of charisma and good will. But if he is denied Latvian citizenship even if he was born in the basement of the Riga White House, where is he to go?

This is a question that may nag this blogspot for a long time.

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