Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When not in Riga, the Wormelings like it best when they are in a woodpile at a Latvian countryside estate. Here is one caught napping.
However, when not resting and playing, work is going ahead for the Great Latvian Presidential Campaign. Here are a number of Wormelings all spruced and painted up lining up for a group photo before a trip to Riga.

By the next set of photos, this group of Wormelings ought to be in Riga, and the Wormeling campaign for the Presidency of Riga pils, perhaps even the Latvian Presidency ought to be in full populist swing.

As we see from these placards, this Presidential campaign in Latvia is a fullblown populist affair. The campaign calls itself "ES LABS PRESIDENTS", which means in English: " I make an excellent Presidential candidate".

While in Latvia it is the Saeima, a democratic institution in the narrow sense of the term (it consists of only 100 people), which elects the Latvian President, the populist president is made real by the mere fact of his or her "being" about. In other words, the Wormeling (Vurmītis in Latvian) President comes about because he-she IS and not because the Latvian Saeima elects him or her.

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