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The 4th Awakening

38 The Incomplete Reawakening of John
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When Karlis Ulmanis failed to activate the synonymy that would enforce the self-sacrifice of the not-violent and rebirth the Johns of the Children of Johns (the proto-Latvians), he failed in more ways than one. His response to the Soviet occupation in a radio speech was: "I will remain in my place and you remain in your places”. The declaration acknowledges an event, but does not indicate the nature of the event. The military occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union began on June 17, 1940.

The submission of Latvia to the Soviet ultimatum to allow an unlimited number of military forces into the country activated a new “sacrificial crisis”. The community renewed its search—albeit unconsciously—for the synonymy of “sacrifice” and “community” (though some may prefer the word “state”.) It is a challenge that faces the Latvian government to this day, but from which challenge the government runs away, because like all governments of our day, it is but consortium engaged in Neo-Christian rhetoric and presumption that humankind is born to community as handily as a hand is to a hand.

In blog 36, I wrote that Soviet Communism was—when all is said and done—a form of fascism. For a long time the Soviet regime of Stalin has escaped such a linkage, because the political left has been making apologies for Stalin’s violence as more justifiable than the violence of Hitler. But by putting both Communism and Fascism under the umbrella of the Arch- vs Neo-Christian conflict, we are able to bring the two under a single roof. One of the scholars that helps make the link is Anatoly Fomenko, the Russian mathematician-statistician, who reminds us that the Romanov tsars of Russia were westernizers. For all we know, they were western agents preparing Arch-Christian Tartary for Neo-Christian occupation beginning with conversion to secularism.  

In any event, while K. Ulmanis was in all probability sincerely miming whoever he may have believed John to have been, it escaped him that along with the role of John, he inherited its responsibilities unto death. Ulmanis’ failure to make a sacrifice of his life to the Latvian community, tragically cost the community its self-confidence.

Following fifty years of Soviet occupation, the easy victory of what is now known as “a Singing Revolution”, “hands cross the Baltics”, and “Days at the arricades", the post proto Latvians reemerged from the homus Sovieticus remake machine as post-Sovieticus Latvians. The Latvians found themselves almost instantly in need of the charisma of not-violent sacrifice, though, not surprisingly, they ignored this, and left the doors wide open for the stormy winds the post-Latvian era to destroy them.

When a tool and dye maker from Jelgava made the life offering (Buń∑is, 1993), the government, the target of the sacrifice, questioned his sanity. As a result, twenty years after getting out from under the Soviet yoke,the nation is closer to falling apart than it was under the Soviets. The presumption of politicians in a parliamentary democracy is that they have been selected for a semi-divine office. He-she is untouchable and secure in his-her secular theology (law) as a result of law that is enforced by the police. There is a presumption that no one will step over the red line and dare be violent, because the word belongs to Neo-Christian nonviolence (nonsacrificial order supported by the police) and not to Arch-Christian not-violence.

The Story of Crazy Jane and Clever John, Part 3
(…story begins at blog 15)

The raven flew higher and higher into the air and soon was flying over a large sea. Clever John could readily see the sea shrink in size. For all the crickets that he had ever bathed in the sea, he had never seen anything like this before. No wonder the raven is known as a wise bird, he thought to himself.

Just then the raven turned its large head toward Clever John and asked: “Tell me, Clever John, how large is the sea below us?”

“It is as large as a large lake,” answered Clever John. He was feeling the air getting cold and drew his bearskin coat a little tighter around himself.

“Kra, kra,” cawed the raven, “we have a while before getting there.”

The raven flew yet higher. Clever John saw the sea shrink all the way down to the size of a puddle. It was here that the raven turned her head and again asked: “Tell me, Clever John, how large is the sea now?”

Clever John—a clever wit as we may have by now noted—answered: “It is as large as a puddle made by a horse pissing.”

The air became doubly cold. Clever John was more than happy now to have the bear skin coat that the Sun had given him. Upon deeper reflection, it also occurred to him that he might have been wiser not to go looking for a princess, but bed down with Crazy Jane. Unfortunately, it was too late to do anything about that now.

Then just as he made the reflection, suddenly, before Clever John’s eyes there appeared Crazy Jane again. As before, she simply floated up before his eyes. “Yes, Clever John?” questioned Crazy Jane. “I thought that you would be dead by now.”

Clever John was surprised to see Jane. What did she want now? Then he realized that he had inadvertently rubbed her ring against the bear skin.

“Think what you will. I’m a touch cookie,” answered Clever John. At the very same instant the raven again turned her head and asked: “Clever John, how large is the sea now?”

Clever John looked down and replied: “As large as a dead horse’s eye.”

As soon as Clever John had finished the words, the raven flipped on her back, and despite the hold that Clever John had on her feathers, he fell off her back.

(To be continued.)

Asterisks & Links of Interest

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Unchanged Feature: What is reality, what is myth?

Changing Feature: In the preceding posts, I started a compilation of video clips, which when seen as a linear sequence tell a story in a context which I hope will become apparent. No, I do not yet know where it is going to lead. This is a story with no end. If it began in the past (it must have), it is now moving parallel to the day we live in. Watching the film may or may not contribute to your understanding of my meaning. Put this clip as a tail to your communication so others may see. The origin of this post is at 

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