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Europe is now sixty-five years past when the “great” powers engaged in a suicidal war that devastated them, and devastated the small nations of Europe even more. The people emerged from that war with minced memes and were more than happy to settle on a steady job, be earning money, become consumers, and as long as the conditions of the “great” Marshall Plan of easy money (or unaware indebtedness) prevailed, they were ready to sleepwalk into the future under almost anyone’s leadership. As by some consensual meme, they went without looking into the pits were the lions, wolves, and gladiators were thrown after falling dead in the Coliseum.

Under the “great” Marshall Plan (U.S.) many nations lost their identity. However, some did not lose it, and this was because their survival was accidental. Latvia is one such accidental survivor. After World War II, Latvians were further dispersed both within and without their and Soviet borders; and the meme of the early twenty years of independence (the so-called presidents Chakste and Ulmanis years) was hung up by the Soviets to dry out whatever waters of history remained in it.

Certain tough sinews did not however dry out, but swelled up with life when the time had come for the Soviet Union to collapse. The trouble was that the moisture that filled the rejuvenated fibres found that the old meme of liberty had not kept up with the times. As a result, the reviving Latvian leadership failed to understand that an identity for a nation in the post-WW2 world is in an of itself fine, while an exclusively ethnic identity is not.

While the European West has not quite managed to overcome its ethnic and questionably ethnic history, it has overcome it sufficiently to begin thinking of expanding its consciousness. This is dramatically expressed in the invitation of the NATO countries for Russia to join them.

The difficulty is with the fact that behind NATO stands the U.S. Empire, and Russia is not about to succumb to the U.S. no matter how many NATO and U.S. rockets surround it. This is why from an idealistic point of view, the foreign policy of Latvia ought to be neutral until Europe discovers a way to resign from NATO and create its own military or Russia find a way to become part of a federation that includes NATO. While waiting in the neutral ether, Latvia and Latvians would be wise to reposition themselves as one collective.

Belonging to NATO encourages Latvia’s zionationalists (secular select ethnic nationalists) to wing it West and surrender their geo-strategic position (and their potential as a European capital) to the NATO military machine in return for EU highlighting the interests of post-Soviet-Latvian parliamentarian “natives”. As I have pointed out, native Latvians possess a very limited sense of their past at this time. That observation extends to most Latvians sixty years old and younger. If those older than sixty have an influence on those who come after them, they ought to tilt toward interpretations and perspectives of history not filtered through the view finder of Latvia circa 1918-1945. There are still many seventy years old and older, who may not wish to hear of this, nevertheless, this is precisely why I am pointing to the missing history proto-Latvians brought to self-consciousness by way of the Herrnhuters. To leave over a hundred years of history in a zionationalist hole hurts the truth, politics, and the nation.

Why were the Herrnhuters repressed? They came to proto-Latvia from deep within the West. They were of the West. They were not “oriental despots”. Was there something wrong with them?

Truth is that they carried with them a virus, and that virus was the same that arch-Latvians knew by way of the name of the Jersika (1209) and the world order that preceded the pre-Jersika era. In other words, a survivor of that distant era came from the West to link up with a meme of proto-Latvians who were still in possession of a similar meme going back to when Livonia was covered by forests. The Herrnhuters were an offspring of the (Jan) Hussites, who were offsprings of the Lollards in England (…was Robin Hood of the great Robin Wood perhaps one?), who were once linked to the people on French coast and through them to the lands of the Cathars and Bogomils.

Too far fetched? If so, we minimize the importance of proto-Latvians and the suffusion of their memory meme with the Herrnhuter meme. We continue to minimize and overlook our and Herrnhuter connection to Jersika, because we are forbidden to look that way by the political establishment still. I suggest that this is to the psychological distress of the proto-Latvian meme within us to this today.

The Baltic heirs of the Herrnhuters burned down a great number of German manors in Latvia’s Vidzeme region, once a Herrnhuter stronghold. While not many westernized Latvians sympathize with the Latvian soldiers who went Red and became Bolsheviks, their movement was of utmost earnestness, and we dismiss their earnestness to our peril. The short lived Iscolat Republic (founded December, 1917), led by the Bolshevik Fric Rozinsh, had not in any way dishonoured itself, though talk of the first signs of “red terror” are happily speculated on by historians oriented to the western way of thinking. What was of essence to the Herrnhuters (whether German or proto-Latvian origin) was to escape their explicitly unequal status vis a vis the Baltic Germans and their barons. That concern reflects back in my life to my great-great grandmother (1770-?), daughter of one who named himself “Liberts”, said daughter marrying one Gusts (= August = Au-just?) fathered by one Andžs (Aeinas?). In other words, liberty, equality are summoned in the fullness of their gifts, because their repression was and never is more than just tolerated.

Though it is unlikely that Latvia wants to preserve a zionationalist identity, the repressions of the memory meme of the people of Latvia (whether of Latvian, Russian, or other national origin) have not succeeded entirely. Latvians have preserved a distinct self-consciousness. The accidental location of Latvia at the geographical centre of Europe has helped in the preservation process, because the location facilitates the desire to stand out. The object of desire, the princess, is—quite reasonably—the ritual of Johns Eve on Midsummer, the arch-Christian ritual that celebrates the overcoming of the sacrificial crisis.

The loss of financial sovereignty and such accommodations as the human psyche may make if easy money is for the taking, has complicated and possibly makes it impossible to create an entity lacking in individuated national identities. Then again, paradoxically, the loss of financial sovereignty may help Latvians of all national and linguistic origins to regain their identity. To be sure such a heretofore repressed identity is unlikely to be supported by post-Herrnhuter supra (ethnic) nationalists and neo-Christian neo-capitalists.

Naked reality suggests that the language policy of the Latvian government is ill advised, if for no other reason than its ethnic population finds itself in a demographic death spiral. The nation cannot afford polarization of its citizens, and has to substitute its partidocratic parliamentary mind set (meme) with a nationalism of greater breadth than its elites have been willing to offer so far.

The Story of Crazy Jane and Clever John, Part 3 (…story begins at blog 15), in the next blog. Less the reader forget, we left Clever John despairing of discovering a pile of gold and, therefore, rubbing the ring he was given by Crazy Jane. He is hoping that the maid he had let the old witch kill, may yet come to his rescue. It is about a week after Johns Eve.

(To be continued.)

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