Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stealing Latvia, Final Episode
Fifth part of Ra-gana’s story

Getting on a bike.

Ra-gana again apologized for her fits of Turett’s . These fits come and go. It is not as often as you think that I want to f*** you . I am doing it in the interest of keeping your attention.

So, here it is the last day of Valdis Zatlers, the President of Latvia for the last four years, skulking off the stage in a well acted scene of abject failure making a dignified exit The link links to a “possible” Reform Party. How utterly thrilling your intentions are, President Zatlers.

It was just on June 28, that Zatlers openly urged a Referendum on whether the Saeima should be dismissed or kept as is.
Must catch up.

The Saeima voted in a new President-Elect Andris Bērziņš, who will succeed President Valdis Zatlers tomorrow.

Now what of a*** (hole) do you have to be to fail to understand that some serious f*** party is going on. Or are they all simply flat out on their beds as limp you can be and pretending that no one has stolen anything?

Ra-gana has suggested in previous blogs that Andris Bērziņš should refuse to accept his election to the presidency as valid, until the Referendum vote on July 23 reflects the people’s choice whether they believe Valdis Zatlers long list of reasons for dismissing the Saeima or whether they continue to put its trust in an institution whose present state of body is accused of corruption.

If the people vote to dismiss the present Saeima, then President-Elect Andris Berzins has been put in office by a government body that the people have just voted as being corrupt. The implications of the Referendum vote on the Saeima are serious enough that a President-Elect of that Saeima should refuse the honor.

Else, the corruption of the Saeima has projected itself into the future a kind of cocoon of itself in the shape of an oligarch, the highest paid pensioner, a former bank president, a militant neo-liberal with a conflict of interest tilting in behalf of Sweden. More can be added. Certainly one may say that Berzins is attached to a view that the sovereigns of the Earth are not the people, Latvians in this instance, but a class of oligarchs who have amassed their wealth by encouraging irresponsible growth.

Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of irresponsible growth. In Latvia, it is a shining ambition even if it goes unreported. Rip the forests down, no shortage of chainsaws here. My neighbour reported this morning that eight good sized wild pigs had marched 20 meters from his house on their way to his potatoes field.

If President-Elect Andris Bērziņš lets pass the moment when he is not officially President, Latvia is as good as dead—especially in view of the near 500,000 of the last twenty years that the government has forced into economic emigration. The exile is evidence of a failure of either a long-term policy or vision. It is leadership floundering in the not so gentle ebb tide of the economies of the West.

Of course, one way of doing it is to do it in the last hours. Here is the scenario.

President Valdis Zatlers turns out not to be a wimp. The President calls for a press conference, at which he announces that he believes that President-Elect Andris Berzins should not accept office until the popular Referendum reflects the peoples’ view of things.

Such a call by Zatlers would send the media into an immediate twitch. The worm will wriggle. Everyone now wants to know what President-Elect Andris Berzins will do. Will he agree and top it off with a suggestion that both he and Zatlers be candidates in a popular election?

Home in the wood.

At this moment, the ball is yet in Valdis Zatler’s hands. Will he let it drop? Or will Andris Berzins drop it?

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